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Papers for sale! Papers for sale! Get your papers here! What do you think of when you hear words like these? If you are older than 35, you probably think about newspapers, which were once sold on the street, and which people once paid good money to read, before iPhones came along and made the newspapers as obsolete as the ox cart. If you’re under 35, you’re probably thinking about research papers for sale from an academic writing service that offers academic projects to students. The world of custom research papers is rapidly changing, and we’d like to share some of the latest innovations that have made it easier than ever to offer term papers for sale at rock bottom prices.

Students who are looking to have the best quality professional college term papers written for them online at affordable prices are often deeply concerned about plagiarism, both their own and that of their custom writers. Many students find themselves getting burned on plagiarism issues because they don’t know enough about the right way to format an essay or to cite sources in APA or MLA format to document their use of outside sources. We have even seen students who find that the proposal for their dissertation has been rejected because of plagiarism. This is a problem that can be traced back to the failure of high school educators to do more to prepare students to cite sources clearly and correctly.

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Our writers understand the issues at stake, and we have introduced several innovations to help prioritize academic honesty in all of our work. First, we require each of our professional writers to personally guarantee that they will follow all of the standards of academic honesty and will not do anything to undercut the integrity of the papers they write. Second, we run every paper through specialized software similar to that used by top universities to root out and discover any improper copying in a paper. That way we can guarantee to you that the paper you receive from us will be 100% original and completely free from plagiarism. We will also provide you with instructions, upon request, for the right way to cite our documents so you can employ them with confidence to help you with your toughest essay assignments.

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Another major innovation concerns pricing. Our papers are designed with quality in mind, but we also understand that students don’t have a lot of money to spend on academic writing assistance, so cheap papers are often more important to them than top quality papers. We work hard to balance affordable pricing against professional quality, and we think we’ve struck just the right balance to keep both our writers and our customers happy. Our papers are designed around quality, but through efficiencies and economies of scale, we’ve driven prices down to affordable levels without compromising our quality. We have writers who can normally command double or triple the rates they charge if they were working for a major magazine working for us for prices even undergraduate students can afford. We take advantage of the glut of PhDs on the market to drive down prices and pass the savings onto you.

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