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Critical thinking is widely considered an essential skill in today’s workplace. However, it is a challenge in terms of learning how to think in a way that goes beyond the everyday logic of regular conversation toward the analytical thought that makes up critical thinking. You’d probably be surprised to know, however, that the interest in critical thinking is not a new one. Almost a century ago, there was a major push to put more critical thinking into the curriculum, and this public domain text from Julius Boraas’s Teaching to Think shows just how little has changed since the 1920s:

“When all things have been considered, critical thinking is found to make three important demands. It insists on clearness. The critical thinker is always asking such questions as: Just what did we see? Just what were the sounds we heard? What were the exact words used? What did he really mean to say? What did he do? What did he mean to do? Critical thinking makes a persistent demand for all the actual facts in the case. It has no patience with merely alleged facts. It rebels against all reports which are ‘made to order’ and ‘fixed’ to suit the supposed needs of the hearer. Finally, critical thinking is effective thinking; it demands results. It is opposed to speculations which lead nowhere. It objects to everything that is irrelevant and immaterial. To some people critical thinking has meant merely the type of thinking that demands clearness and truth. It means more than that. It insists that the particular truth which we hold shall be one that has value in reaching a conclusion.”

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