Progressive Delivery

Progressive delivery service provides enhanced options to empower clients to make the most of large or complex offers by providing faster turnaround through segmented delivery.

The advantages of progressive delivery:

  1. Receive each section of your paper as your writer finishes it without waiting for the entire paper to be done.
  2. Spread out payments over time by paying for each segment as it is completed, allowing for easier budgeting and installment paying.
  3. Work with a personal case manager who oversees your order to manage it at each stage of delivery.
  4. Receive a personal schedule that saves you time by providing the exact delivery date for each stage of delivery.
  5. Free revisions of your paper for 21 days after the first order’s approval.

We developed progressive delivery to manager orders after consulting with our clients and evaluating trends in the academic writing industry. We believe that progressive delivery helps to give our clients powerful options and helps to protect our clients from fraud.

Progressive delivery offers security:

  1. Allows you to monitor paper quality throughout the process.
  2. Avoid major revisions by checking the paper at each stage.
  3. Guarantees money well spent by allowing you to observe quality throughout the process.

Pricing and ordering options

We offer Progressive Delivery options on all large-scale orders for just 10% on top of your original order price. We’re happy to offer Progressive Delivery, and our support team is standing by to help you select this feature and develop a payment plan.

Terms and conditions

Some restrictions apply when ordering Progressive Delivery. This feature is not available for orders with deadlines of less than 3 days or on orders of less than $200. Progressive delivery is mandatory on all orders with deadlines greater than 7 days or with a value of more than $600.