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College and university students are turning to majors with practical value in record numbers, and business schools are the major beneficiary of this turn toward degrees with high earning potential. However, many students need help with business academic papers because these types of term papers are very different from the more literary writing assignments that students encountered in high school. A business research paper, exam, or report requires far more rigorous analysis and data-driven argumentation that can cause problems for many students who are less familiar with this type of writing.

The Elements of an Excellent Business Research Paper

There is no one trick to writing a great business paper, but there are a number of ways that students can produce good papers with less effort. One of the first and most important ways to develop a strong business term paper is to develop strong research topics in business studies. These can be particularly challenging to draft, which is why many business research reports require a proposal to outline your topic for instructor approval before you write the final copy of your essay. Research topics can come from almost any source, but one of the best ways to generate ideas for topics is to keep up with the business news. Most news websites have a business section, and there are dedicated business news networks such as CNBC, Fox Business Network, and Bloomberg TV, along with publications like the Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, and Forbes. By reviewing the business news, you’ll be able to know what’s current and what might make for a good business topic. That way, when you receive an assignment, you already have a leg up in knowing what to research and how to target an appropriate topic for your paper. This is half the battle. The rest is the other major challenge of writing a business paper: Turning your research into coherent and detailed analysis and presenting with appropriate formatting and documentation in order to support a thoughtful thesis.

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