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Plagiarism wasn’t always an academic offense. In ancient times, originality was considered distasteful, and writers labored to present their work as mere variations or improvements on the works of earlier masters. In the Middle Ages, for example, Isidore of Seville produced his famous Etymologies, but he only rarely acknowledged that nearly all of the text of the book had been methodically copied, often nearly word for word, from earlier writers. In turn, Isidore’s own book found itself used as the foundation for a startling array of medieval plagiarisms.

In modern times, however, originality became more important than adherence to old masters, and so plagiarism became an academic offense rather than a celebrated method of literary writing. The French were among the first to crack down on plagiarism. A nineteenth century book on English literature explains what the French found when they started trying to look for plagiarism among their greatest writers: “For instance, Montaigne is shown to have borrowed much from Seneca and Plutarch; and what he has copied without acknowledgment from them, Charron and Corneille have adopted in the same unscrupulous manner from him. Thus, too, Rabelais’ eccentricities are proved to have furnished many a lively scene to Racine and Moliere, and many an ingenious fable to La Fontaine; while Pascal, who is generally reckoned one of the most original thinkers of the seventeenth century, is described as surpassing all others by his daring feats of plagiarism.”

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Today, the rule in every college and university is to absolutely no plagiarism. Whether you are writing a term paper, major research papers, or even a dissertation, you are required to deliver non-plagiarized essays. However, students in college today have often not had the kind of training needed to avoid plagiarism in their writing, and so every essay becomes a sort of minefield where students need to police their writing for plagiarism but don’t always understand what it means to plagiarize. For example, everyone knows that word-for-word copying is wrong, but can it also be plagiarism if you put someone else’s ideas in your own words? How free can you be in rewriting others’ ideas before they become your own? If you struggle to discover how to write a plagiarism-free paper, don’t worry; we can help!

We work with a team of writers who know everything about plagiarism and how to avoid it. When you buy customized writing from us, we will produce a completely plagiarism-free original paper that meets or exceeds all of your requirements. We will make sure that your paper thoroughly and completely cites all of its sources in your choice of academic reference style, such as APA, MLA, Chicago, etc. We will also vet the paper line for line to make sure that it is 100% original and completely free from plagiarism.

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We do our best to balance affordable prices against high quality and originality. If you find a company selling papers online for a price that seems way too cheap, you should be wary about potential plagiarism problems in any paper you buy. After all, avoiding plagiarism takes time and effort, and if a writer isn’t being paid enough to produce a high-quality paper, it becomes all too tempting to cut corners. We never cut corners, which is why we can guarantee you the best quality paper and complete originality with every order.

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