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What does it mean to complete a course curriculum in today’s college environment? This is a question that is vexing professors and students alike at a time when college and university courses are increasingly regulated by strict rules governing what can and can’t be done in a course. In the past, coursework wasn’t as tightly regulated and professors tended to focus on the content of a course rather than producing a quantifiable measure of coursework. That began to change about twenty years ago as colleges and universities, following the lead of regulatory agencies, began looking for ways to measure student achievement. As a result, today’s college courses are often as tightly structured as high school courses, and this has left students scrambling to find an academic writing service that can offer custom coursework help.

Coursework Then and Now

Let’s turn back the clock a few decades to look at how coursework used to work. In the past, a course was designed to educate a student and expose that student to a topic. It was not like the GCSE from AQA or Advanced Placement tests from the College Board. Professors would spend most of their class time lecturing, and there would typically be a couple of papers that would demonstrate the student’s ability to apply course concepts through a lengthy semester-long term paper research project. However, over the years, administrators began to see the value in using measurable course outcomes in order to produce metrics about which courses were succeeding and how much students were learning. As a result, professors had to begin offering more high-school-style coursework that could be graded objectively with rubrics and grading scales, rather than the holistic grading common in the past.

Then came the Internet.

The rise of online distance learning programs changed the nature of coursework forever. Online courses don’t have the same in-person lectures, and they are more tightly regulated by accrediting bodies and educational agencies, which look for specific numbers of work hours per week for an online course. In the United States, the Department of Education will only approve financial aid payments when an online course has a specific and verifiable number of work hours per week. Depending on the course, this can mean that instructors have to produce extra busywork just to meet arbitrary regulations.

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