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The art of public speaking is much esteemed but difficult to master. Developing a persuasive speech that can move the audience to action is a skill that few ever truly excel at, though with practice anyone can become good at this type of presentation. While persuasive speeches are by turns professional, impressive, interesting, or even controversial, it is also important that they be original and unique to capture the interest of the audience and convince them to agree with the speaker’s position. For students at the high school, college, or university level, this can be a particular challenge, but the good news is that there is a solution to the problem of creating persuasive speeches. You can buy a persuasive speech online and skip all of the preparation work that usually goes into writing this type of assignment.

Oratory Past and Present

Teachers have been trying to teach the art of public speaking for centuries. In ancient times rhetoric, also known as oratory, was one of the seven skills that every educated youth was expected to master. In more recent centuries, it has been commonplace to teach students how to speak fluidly, under the assumption that public speaking skills will be helpful for full participation in civic life.

Consider, for example, the words of John Rippingham, who wrote a treatise on public speaking at the dawn of the nineteenth century:

“The faculty of forming a just succession of correct ideas, and of delivering them with clearness, fluency, and elegance, has commonly been esteemed one of the most difficult attainments, and one of the most enviable distinctions, with which a human being can be endowed. . . There is perhaps no condition of life, in which the ability to arrange and express what the mind suggests, is not useful as well as pleasing. In many departments of human action it is almost indispensable: and a momentary recollection of those who have obtained the largest share of reverence, will suggest how great a value has always been placed on true oratory. The situations in this free country, where eloquence is particularly valuable, are the parliament, the pulpit, and the bar: and in each of these stations, it is rewarded always with fame, and generally with wealth.”

This remains true today, and a good speaker is still valued in politics, in the community, and even among colleagues at the bar—though Rippingham was referring to the law courts rather than the pub!

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