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Expository writing is one of the biggest challenges for students across the country and around the world. The type of writing that students do in school is very different from the types of everyday writing that students do in their normal lives. This takes a couple of different forms in terms of how students can be challenged by the differences between everyday writing and academic writing. To start with, it’s probably a good idea to look at the way students’ exposure to writing in their daily life is changing.

Changing Times and Changing Writing

As recently as 20 years ago, the average student did very little writing in his or her daily life except perhaps in terms of a daily journal, if one was so inclined. Then came the internet, and soon students were using email and instant messaging, increasing the amount of writing they produced by quite a bit. With the advent of text messaging, suddenly students are writing more than ever before. Some, indeed, write more than they speak thanks to texting.

On the other hand, texting and emailing are very different forms of writing from academic expository essays. These types of writing are more informal, and they create situations where the writer is attempting to duplicate spoken language, filling it with slang, abbreviations, and now even emojis to convey emotion. While this is great in terms of communicating short messages among friends, it is not as effective in terms of developing sustained arguments that meet academic requirements.

Consequently, when students come to college and begin facing expository essays, they have a challenge because the skills they developed in their daily lives don’t translate into academic writing skills. Expository writing requires longer and more complex sentences, more formal English, and the skills to work with and integrate information from sources up to the standards of academic writing.

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