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The APA style research paper is increasingly the most common type of paper that students are asked to write, but one big question is why APA style has become the default formatting style for most academic research and term papers at the high school college, and university levels. An essay written in APA format differs from other styles in the way that it cites sources and the specific punctuation rules used to format citations. In order to understand APA format custom research papers, we need to go back to look at what it means to be in APA style and how an essay written in APA format differs from essays written in other formats. Let’s begin with some examples.

If you are reading this, chances are that you need help with a research paper, an essay, or even a dissertation, specifically in APA format. But do you really know what is behind APA formatting?

The History of APA Style

The American Psychological Association formatting style began as a rule book for how to format references to appear in the organization’s scholarly journal. To this day, the primary purpose of APA format is to provide this rule book to potential journal contributors so that citations follow a uniform format no matter who is writing the article or which APA publication it appears in. So how did this format turn into a guide for writing college research papers? That answer goes back to the nature of college work, the importance of having each student write original essays that work correctly with sources.

Professors want students to write custom APA style research papers that correctly cite sources and demonstrate the student’s ability to work fairly with sources and differentiate between their own work and that of others. Over the past twenty years, a growing number of professors have come to see APA format as the best way to accomplish this goal. First, this is because they are themselves familiar with the format from its use in popular scholarly journals. Second, it is because APA has made its formatting easy to follow by having a relatively inexpensive and accessible handbook and manual, and because APA has remained relatively stable for a very long time, so the research paper you write in college will be formatted according to the same rules as the custom research term paper or dissertation which was written years after that. While formats like MLA have radically revised themselves every ten years or so, APA has remained consistent, meaning that course materials don’t need to be updated as frequently, saving professors time and money.

The benefits of APA style are rather straightforward. In this format, sources are cited using the author-date format. This means that each citation is contains the author’s name and the date of publication, cluing in the reader to how recent a source is. In disciplines where the latest research is the most important, the author-date system makes it easy to see how new the research is and thus how good the writer is at conducting research. When you order custom research papers from a professional writing service, APA format is a clear way to see that the writing service has done its job in delivering the latest research.

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