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When students try to write analytical essays, they tend to fall into a number of traps. The most important of these is the question of whether an analytical essay is meant to be opinionated or whether the essay is supposed to be objective. Analytical papers tend to fall in the middle of these two extremes, but too often students start to see analytical essays as an excuse for using opinions instead of reasoned arguments to achieve essay excellence. Let’s take a look at what the students do wrong by speaking to a student who had an essay disaster.

“I didn’t know what an analytical essay was when I started writing my paper,” Student X said. “I thought that analysis meant tell the instructor what we thought and what our opinion is. So in the essay I wrote a lot about what the facts were and then gave my opinion on them. But my professor said that it was wrong to be so opinionated and that nobody really cared what I thought. Instead, he said that I was supposed to use the evidence to draw conclusions and show how the conclusions follow from the facts. I didn’t know what the difference was between conclusions and opinions. That was hard to learn.”

Facts vs. Opinions

In an analytical essay, you’re looking to develop an argument, not an assertion. This means that your analysis must start with facts and build from those facts to conclusions that logically follow from them. This can be a little difficult for students to learn to do, but we try very hard here at PapersMart.net to show you how to draw conclusions from the evidence. Our writing service offers papers that are carefully designed to show you the best way to turn your paper into a perfect analytical argument.

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We also guarantee that every paper we produce will be completely original and 100% free from plagiarism. This means that the papers you receive will be academically sound and well-documented, showing you exactly how to work with sources and use them to develop the kind of arguments that will make the difference in creating analytical paper.

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