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In 1941, Jorge Luis Borges published “The Library of Babel,” a story about a massive library that contained every possible book, composed of every variation of the letters of the alphabet. Today’s internet has made the fantasy of a universal library closer to reality than ever before. However, the more information that we have access to, the harder it can be to master all of that information in order to develop a strong literature review. The act of researching is hard enough, but knowing what to do with the material you uncover can be even more challenging. Too many students simply skim the abstract to an article and accept that as an adequate distillation of the research, potentially missing important insights that didn’t happen to make it into the abstract. A truly great literature review goes beyond summary to understand each piece of literature at a deeper level.

The Challenges of Research

In the Information Age, it can become easy to think that so-called digital natives are masters of information management just because they are exposed to so much online research. However, this is not the case, and many students have difficulty sorting, collecting, and understanding digital research.

The research process has become increasingly challenging as students are faced with a multitude of sources to choose from, and quite often students are unsure how to distinguish between good sources and bad ones. This is because information literacy is a difficult skill to master, and many students face challenges in understanding the difference between popular, professional, and scholarly sources, and few could easily explain what peer review means or why it is so important in academic research. Many instructors place limits on the types of sources that a student may use, and this requires students to find and analyze scholarly sources, many of which are written at a level far above what a student is familiar with and able to easily understand. In order to produce a literature review that can comprehensively analyze and understand these kinds of sources, students need a great example of the right way to do it. However, professors and TAs are unlikely to provide the kind of detailed assistance that students need to truly understand the step by step process of developing their specific literature review. And once you reach the dissertation level, forget it: The complexity is off the charts!

Why a Literature Review is Vital to Your Paper

At every level, the literature review is vital to your success. Whether you are at the high school, college, university, master’s, or PhD level, you need a literature review to show the academic world that you have done your homework and know what other scholars have said about your topic before you. The purpose of a literature review is to evaluate what previous scholars have already researched about your topic in order to understand how your own research topic fits into the broader trend of scholarship and to recognize areas where you can make a unique contribution to scholarship. Many students, however, lack the experience and the knowledge, not to mention the time, to thoroughly research the literature in order to deliver a high-quality literature review for their essay, term paper, thesis, or dissertation. Fortunately, there is a solution and it involves using professional academic writing assistance to save time so you can focus on the most important parts of your paper.

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