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To some extent, every essay seeks to evaluate some subject against a set of criteria by engaging in analysis. However, the evaluation essay goes into much more depth in determining whether the subject is good or bad than some other types of essay, such as a research paper, which tends to take a more objective and neutral point of view. Finding an easy and effective method for how to critically evaluate a person, place, or thing can be a challenge, especially for students who are used to the more neutral style of a typical English class research paper assignment.

Evaluating Evaluation Essays

An evaluation essay is similar to a review, and it allows the writer the opportunity to look for the best way to determine whether the topic is a net positive or negative. Some typical subjects for an evaluation writing are movie, restaurant, or book reviews, or an evaluation of a new theory or research finding. The format and structure of each evaluation is roughly the same for all of these topics. You begin by explaining what you plan to evaluate, and you write about specific reasons that the topic is good or bad. However, this makes this type of essay seem deceptively simple. In reality, the depth of analysis and the sheer variety of topics that an evaluation essay can cover make it difficult to discover the best way to produce one.

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