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A definition essay asks us to explain the meaning of a concept, term, event, or idea. It defines that concept and lays out the parts that create meaning. Some concepts are relatively easy to define because they are concrete and have a very clear meaning. For example, a house can be defined by its parts and purpose. On the other hand, some concepts are more difficult to define because they are abstract and more nebulous in nature. For example, it is more difficult to define the concept of honor than it is the concept of a house. Subjectivity plays a role in this definition.

Creating Definition Essays

So how should you go about creating definition essays? There are generally three steps to these types of paper. First, you should tell the reader what term you are defining. Second, you should present foundational information about the concept, letting the reader have whatever information is needed to understand the subject. Finally, you should flesh out your definition by providing factual support, illustrative examples, and even anecdotes that help the reader to place the concept in a broader context. This way the essay will paint a picture of the concept that readers can understand.

When you create a definition, there are several methods that can be used to create effective definitions. There are three key ways to create a positive definition: by function, by structure, or by analysis. There is also a negative definition by defining what a term is not.

A definition by function explains how something works by laying out the parts and showing how they integrate to produce the object’s function. A definition by structure explains how a concept is organized, and, like a definition by function, explains how the different parts of the organization work together to produce the concept. A definition by analysis compares a term or concept to a familiar example and explains the differences in order to develop an understanding of the unfamiliar concept. For example, one might compare an unfamiliar animal to one that readers already know and talk about what is similar or different. Finally, defining a term by what it is not can help us to understand an abstract concept by dismissing incorrect ideas or misconceptions.

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