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The book report is a staple of the high school and college classroom. Book reports are one way that instructors gauge whether a student has actually read the assigned reading, and often they will take the place of an essay. Book reports, however, can be a bit tricky to pull off well in the internet age because instructors know that students know where to go online to get a summary of the book, so they are increasingly looking for students to write something a little more detailed to show that they understand not just what the book had to say but how the author achieved his or her goal.

Would you believe that some of the first book reports were written in ancient times? In the fifth century, for example, Proclus offered a book report on a poem called the Cypria in which he told readers what it had to say as it continued the story that began in a poem called the Thebais. Here is how he started his book report, in Hugh Evelyn-White’s public domain translation: “This is continued by the epic called Cypria which is current in eleven books. Its contents are as follows. Zeus plans with Themis to bring about the Trojan war. Strife arrives while the gods are feasting at the marriage of Peleus and starts a dispute between Hera, Athena, and Aphrodite as to which of them is fairest. The three are led by Hermes at the command of Zeus to Alexandrus on Mount Ida for his decision, and Alexandrus, lured by his promised marriage with Helen, decides in favour of Aphrodite.” From there he summarized the rest of the epic.

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